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childern making friends

Life Lessons Multi Media is proud to present the first of a series of books, the first book released will be on July 3rd the title is “Making Friends”, focused on maintaining a healthy friendship, teaching the reader how to be a good friend. Too often people assume children will pick up on social cues that help in certain areas. I've noticed through my observations of the children I’ve helped raise, that this new generation are visual learners. As a visual learner myself, I know things must be explained differently for them to understand the situations life brings. Life Lessons Multi Media Books is excited to introduce the first of a series of books, written for the child aged 8 to 18 years of age that wants to be more informed about life’s processes. Please check out the site and see if this children’s book is right for your child and order a copy. We offer both digital and hard copies (while supplies last). We thank you for your support, while we establish ourselves. Kimberle-Anne Young has an associate in fine arts, a bachelors in computer animation and a master’s in business intelligence. These books are the perfect marriage of all her skills and over time will prove to be an asset in the development of any child. I hope you enjoy and collect them all while supplies last, thank you. 

Author Kimberle-Anne Young 


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